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Cutthroat Trout
Cutthroat Trout

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Joe Wayne:

I was born in Whitefish, Montana and have lived in the state most of my life. 
 Several years ago I came to the BozemanĖLivingston area where I began working in local bronze foundries. I went from studying art in college directly to the production line as a welder, metalworker, and patina artist. Iíve since moved on to painting and sculpting full time. Iíve realized that my years in the foundry were a paid education to build from, gaining a thorough understanding of the casting process.

It was not long after that I began a quest for the deeper side and understanding of art, going beyond what the craftsman knows and beyond what I learned in college. Through this Iíve become more conscious of and intrigued by the abstract, unequal balances, dynamic composition, and contrasting values and colors.

If Iím painting or sculpting, I prefer to work from nature, whether itís a model, still life, or landscape. I feel it helps in capturing the individual personality of the subject. Because of this, my work can vary in terms of mood and technique. With all I need to know in front of me, I strive to produce an image of aesthetic expression as it passes through the filter of creativity, allowing it to become something that reflects the subject while making it my own.

The excitement and impressionistic expression I enjoy in the field carries over to the studio. Being inspired by nature and what the masters and some contemporaries have accomplished fuels my desire to paint and sculpt.

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