Michael Haykin

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Arizona Sister, Breakable WingsCottonwood WatchersSpring Rain
Arizona Sister, Breakable Wings

Cottonwood Watchers

Spring Rain

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Artist Biography: Michael Haykin was born and educated in Munich, Germany, while his family was in military service for the United States. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. His work is influenced by his extensive and ongoing travel throughout the United States, South and Central America and the South Pacific. Over the past seven years, in addition to his annual and one-an-two person shows at the Gallery on Greene and the Luck Street Gallery in Key West, Haykins work has been shown at the Holter Museum in Helena, Montana, the Montana Artists Refuge in Basin, Montana, the Works Gallery in Nantucket, Helander Gallery in Palm Beach, the Works Gallery in Southampton, and the Limbo Gallery in New York. Artists Statement: When I explore the world with a painters eye, the familiar objects and the images Ive grown comfortable with become mysterious again. Unsolved and uncharted. Through careful observation and by the poetry inherent in the painting process, the comfortable image gains potency and the ordinary alchemically becomes the sublime.

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