Josh Clare is very clear about his work. The pursuit of beauty and truth has become a lifelong quest. “I rejoice in the overwhelming beauty of God’s creation,” says the artist. “I paint in the hope that with every day I’ll come a step closer to being able to share the joy I feel as I contemplate His work.”


Born in 1982, Josh started drawing at a young age and was inspired by the hand-drawn animated films that he grew up watching, but his formal art education didn’t begin until he enrolled in the BFA program at BYU-Idaho. He regards the solid traditional art instruction he received there as the catalyst for all his subsequent growth and success.


Josh’s grasp of color, his masterful handling of the medium, and his sense of design has led to a number of awards, to a large global following, and to his work being featured in many of the leading art publications in the United States; but more importantly for Josh, it has led to the esteem of his fellow artists. Josh is an artist’s artist—and for him there is no greater compliment.