Mary Ross Buchholz


For 22 years, art has been Mary Ross Buchholz's devotion.  Buchholz and her husband live and ranch in rural west Texas near the town of Eldorado.  Coming from a pioneering ranching family, she offers a glimpse of her daily ranch life through her paintings, sculpture and the most primitive of mediums, charcoal and graphite. Buchholz strives to capture the authenticity of their way of life by gathering reference material from the ranch, and as a result, each piece she creates is a testament to her family's ranching traditions. 


Buchholz relishes in creating the portrait, whether the subject is an animal or person; she enjoys subtlety rendering the details, the different textures and the individual characteristics of her subjects.  It has been said that her drawings seem timeless and impart a simplicity without distractions.  She strives to captivate the viewer both up-close and from a distance. 


There are several elements that contribute to her work having realistic and three-dimensional qualities; and they are her:  acute observation skills, knowledge of anatomy, recognition of planes and plane changes, and wide range of values which in turn all help to describe form. 


Buchholz deliberately leads the viewer’s eye around various areas of her drawings.  This can be achieved by designing works with the placement of detail in specific focal areas, having strong compositions, interesting lighting, and the use of negative space.  Another important aspect of her work is having areas of rest.  Much like beautifully composed music, art needs areas of rest or areas that have less detail or only subtlety suggested detail.  Buchholz feels it is all a balancing act when creating an intriguing piece of artwork.