Chaucer Silverson


Chaucer Silverson’s work is a form of contemporary gestural abstractionism.  His style is exploratory, expressionistic, and abstract and created through the pursuit of atmospheric portrayals of specific mark makings, space, and color.  His work has been inspired by Abstract Expressionism, Transcendental Abstractionism, and movements in art that include; Color Pattern Fields, Action Painting, and Conceptual Art.


Those spidery thoughts that settle into the crevices of our dreams. The lingering spark burnishing the edge of our awareness.  


With the guidance of painter Chaucer Silverson’s abstract series, finding where our genius crouches becomes an exercise of thought. More than mere meditation, his pieces trigger free reflections. They are pieces and parts of the thing that is bigger than ourselves and yet so tiny those pieces can disappear as completely as though exhaled.

His series, “Moments of Insight,” frames the instant before an idea forms. To get there, Silverson ushers us gently to the edge, then throws us head first into the world of abstractness... both in his images and in our own minds.


Abstraction has been a useful tool even by what we could call traditional artists dating back to Thomas Moran’s Moonlit Shipwreck at Sea. Here, the turn-of-the century artist’s brushstrokes and emotional urgency swerve around our conditioned responses to what we’re looking at and, instead, draw you into the painting. Without the horizon line, you might not know it was the sea or even the sky.


 “An aesthetic experience is a moment when everything around you becomes suddenly still and the great beauty of the world is allowed to flood in and fill your consciousness,” Silverson says. “Mystical experience is the most significant level of insight, adjusting our perspectives and creating a new worldview.”


 Behind Silverson’s home—an old falcon aviary adapted to a studio, low and long with skylights and windows—the whole space is settled and drenched in light....