Rudi Broschofsky


Situated somewhere in between representation and abstraction sit the works of artist Rudi Broschofsky. Taking a Street Art approach to Western Art makes his process completely unique to both genres. His paintings are constructed entirely out of spray paint, which is accomplished through a calculated process of creating meticulous stencils with an X-Acto knife. A stencil may take upwards of 120 hours to create and sometimes may only be used once. From nearby the subject matter is nonrepresentational but with space the composition becomes unmistakable. 


Although Rudi's educational path does not lead to the arts, it did play a pivotal role in his style and his artwork as a whole. Rudi graduated from SDSU in 2005 with a degree in business finance. "I like finance because it makes sense to me- numbers go into a calculation and numbers come out, it is logical and can be proven and checked", he says. His painting process relates to this in a sense, the creative process is like building an equation. Once the equation is in place, Rudi knows what the end result will look like if his process is carried out carefully and correctly. Unlike other artists, once his design is in place there is little creative freedom or room to change what the final product will be. .....