Chaucer Silverson


Chaucer Silverson’s work is a form of contemporary gestural abstractionism.  His style is exploratory, expressionistic, and abstract and created through the pursuit of atmospheric portrayals of specific mark makings, space, and color.  His work has been inspired by Abstract Expressionism, Transcendental Abstractionism, and movements in art that include; Color Pattern Fields, Action Painting, and Conceptual Art.


What motivates Chaucer Silverson as a painter is to observe and express the patterns of organic energy that exist on this rock in space we call our home. Rather than comment on political, social, or cultural complexities his work seeks to transcend these arguments that are rendered meaningless by nature.  


Chaucer’s paintings are meditations on the primal and chaotic matrix within which we all exist. Large and purposeful compositions of color express the harmonious relationships between nature and humanity, rather than the destructive, one-sided man vs. nature dichotomy prevalent in discourse today. Multi layered brushstrokes offer a profound sense of intensified sensory perception expressing the complexities and subtleties of experience possible when the human condition is not the singular concern, but an integral part...